Auto Repair: Complete Vehicle Inspection

We will perform a complete vehicle inspection and return to the customer with a detailed report with recommendations on service areas and preventative maintenance. The detailed report includes:

  • Lighting and Accessories
    (Horn, Headlamps, Turn Signals, Tail /Stop Lamps, Markers, Gauges / Ins., Wiper Operation, Wind Shield Washer, Mirrors, Power Windows, Radio, Power Antenna)

  • Road Test
    (Heater Fan, Heater, A/C, Transmission Operation, Braking, Warning LIghts, Ride Quality, Windshield and Glass, Cruise Control)

  • Under-Hood Inspection
    (Timing Belt, Battery Test, Battery Connections, Belt(s), Belt Tensioner, Radiator Hoses, Other Hoses, Coolant, Coolant Protection)

  • Emission Control System
    (Smog/Air Pump, Breather Hoses, Pre-Heat Tube)

  • Engine
    (Oil, Air Filter, Spark Plug, Fuel Filter)

  • Fluids
    (Master Cylinder, Power Steering, Auto Trans., Clutch Fluid)

  • Under Car Inspection
    (Motor and Trans. Mounts, U-Joints or CV Boots, Fuel LInes, Body Frame)

  • Fluid Leaks
    (Transmission, Engine Oil, Water Pump Plugs, Power Steering Rack, Power Steering Hoses, Transfer Case)

  • Exhaust System
    (Front Pipe, Catalytic Converter, Muffler Center, Intermediate Pipe, Muffler Rear, Hangers)

  • Suspension and Steering
    (C V Boots, C V Shaft/Joints, Ball Joints, Idler Arm(s), Tie Rods, Bushings, Front and Rear Struts/Shocks)

  • Tires
    (Size of Front and Back, Tire Tread Check, Alignment)

  • Brakes
    (Rotors, Calipers, Bearings, Hoses, Axle Seals, Brake Lines)

General Notice: Repair procedures outlined herein will vary from vehicle to vehicle and may change entirely without advance notice.